5 High Resolution 3D Renders, variety of images covering different metaphors

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Chess, Game, Strategy... High resolution images (5 images) 3d renders representing games and activities, metaphors for success and failure, teamwork and team spirit, individuality and uniformity. The high resolution enables great results for print or web. Royalty free. Exclusive, high quality, affordable stock photos for all your design needs. 


File type: JPG

Resolution: High Resolution

License Type: Royalty Free

Number of images included: 5

Delivery: Download after purchase

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Chess, Figure, Horse, King, Soldier, Battle, Competition, Strategy, Tactic, Protection, Security, Success, Surround, Unacceptable, Playing, Play, Game, Board, Dashboard, Black and white, Conceptual, Fail, Failure, Business, Lying, Square, Battle, Objective, Planning, Object, Solution, Solving, Artistic, BW, 3D, Rendered, Fall, Figure, Symbol, Contrast, Bowling, Wooden, Floor, Sport, Pin, Set, Collection, Position, Start, Excitement, Strike, Accuracy, Recreation, Rest, Fun, Goal, Throw, Bowling ball, Dynamic, Win, Winner, Push, Abstract, Background, Communication, Connecting, Collaboration, Cooperation, Collaborate, Item, Imagination, Imagine, Thread, Nod, Teamwork, Spirit, Isolated, Several, Similar, Similarity, Studio, Reflection, Shiny, Silver, Construction, Out, Crowd, Close, Many, Kind, Among, Different, Standing, Figure, Distinguish, One, Distinguishing, Symbol, Vision, Multicolored, Row, Childish

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